Thursday, May 10, 2012

To Show or Not to Show

According to Wikipedia, a juried exhibition has an individual (or group) acting as judge of the submitted artworks, selecting which are to be shown. If prizes are to be awarded, the judge or panel of judges will usually select the prizewinners as well. To those of you not involved in art – your work has to be selected out of all the entries to simply be a part of the exhibit. Prizes are secondary. From time to time I question the reasoning of intentionally putting yourself – yourself being your art – up for review. It's human nature not to take it to heart – even if it's just a tiny bit – if the work submitted is not accepted. But here I find myself again scrambling to meet a deadline so I too can put myself up for scrutiny. I think perhaps it's my manageable addiction to stress that I picked up from years as a freelance art director. It always was such a rush knocking off deadlines with minutes to spare.

There are a few shows that I like to enter for one reason or another. With the Confession promised to Danforth I had no new work to submit to North River's Festival of the Arts Juried Show. But I have one piece of 8"x10" white scratchboard, a bottle of ink and an old photo.  To enter North River's Juried show I need to be completed, framed and submitted by 1:00 pm Saturday afternoon. Will I feel the rush of an aced deadline or the defeat of a missed one? Only time will tell. 

My work in progress.