Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"A Good Day for a Beret"

When I arrived with my work the other morning at the North River Arts Society I wasn't certain in which category I would submit the piece. It's a scratchboard but different than my usual in that I added ink to areas of a white Claybord and then scratched away the highlights. Also had a little bit of a painterly feel to areas where I used an ink wash rather than full strength. We hemmed and hawed for a minute or two - drawing or mixed media, hmmm. It was decided it was best in the mixed media category. The minute I left I started to question the decision. Would the jury actually be able to determine how the piece was done? - because luck would have it I forgot to include the actual technique I used in the description. I conceded to the fact that it would probably be overlooked but there would always be next year. By Saturday afternoon, the thoughts were soon forgotten under the padding of everyday life so when I got the call yesterday it took me by surprise. I was told that the work was selected as the first place winner in the mixed media category. I guess it was the right decision after all!

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