Thursday, April 26, 2012

When in Doubt Return to the Basics

Vacation is a wonderful concept. A good vacation allows one to relax and put all the "lists" aside. Trouble is it seems to take SO long to get back on track. Lying on the beach in South Carolina, I had a clear vision of my plan when I returned. But somewhere north of the Mason Dixon line everything got scrambled. So for the past couple of days I've been wandering around in circles trying to determine where to begin. To break the creative brain cramp I needed something that I could accomplish in a day - and that was fun. I had started this simple little seahorse scratchboard before I left intending to turn it into a print but never got very far. Today I decided it would become the next letter in the alphabet series I had abandoned so many months ago. High on the satisfaction of my completed masterpiece I went on to take on the letter "B" as well. It still needs a little work - for instance I forgot the antennae - and it looks a little bit like a puppy. 

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